There are a lot of reasons why you can decide to rent a storage unit for some or your entire possessions. In some circumstances, finding a storage unit can be life-saving, particularly when you are in a high in-between period of moving a home. Once you've come to decide on renting a storage unit for some period of time, the next logical thing you should do is to find a storage facility with a suitable size. With this article, you will be better informed when selecting the storage unit that suits you. You should know that self-storage can be very beneficial to you at that unpredictable moment where you are in-between homes. It can be burdensome for you financially and still poses some risks and dangers. So we will look at how you can make use of a self-storage unit without having to spend all your money, lose or damage your belongings in the process.

Before You Choose That Storage Unit

Indeed, it will be very nice if you can have that spare storage space that is very close to your home, secure and easy to access whenever you want. You can find storage facilities that function 24 hours a day. This will make you feel like you have that additional spare room just for a fixed monthly amount. There are certain things that you need to know before deciding to rent a storage facility when you plan to move to your new home.

Is The Price Affordable?

Calculate the cost first. Moving homes can be a costly process so you need to be cautious in applying your finances so that you don't go above budget. Using a storage facility will always be an added expense no matter how you choose to see it. You need to know how much it will cost you to rent a storage unit. When you are on a very tight budget, deciding to rent a storage unit can be a risky move. The cost of renting one will depend on a lot of factors such as the company that offers the storage unit, in what city it is in and the site of the storage unit within that city. On the average, the cost of a 5' by 5' which is the smallest unit you can possibly rent will be somewhere between $60 and $100 monthly and can even be more. The 5' by 5' can't really contain much, given that is just about the dimension of a basic home closet. There are some storage facilities like the climate-controlled units that are even costlier. In the end, the price you might be paying will not just be the basic but also an addition of any extra features that might have been included. You can contact the storage unit company to get an actual price quote so that you would know if it something that you can do without feeling the financial pinch.  


The Location and Site of the Storage Facility

In the big cities, storage facilities are costlier, compared to the rural areas. You will need to consider the number of times you plan to access the belongings that you want to store. If you would make frequent visits to the store unit, then you might have to pick a site that is close to you.

Keeping it at a far distance will cost you time, transport cost or fuel and this will slowly add to your monthly expenses with the storage bill inclusive. A far distance storage facility can also work in your favour if you are sure there won't be the need to regularly access your stuff. If the storage facility is located outside the city are, it can make sense because the rent you pay will be quite lower and you can enjoy great discounts and better storage settings.

Is the Storage Access Limited or 24 Hours-All week Service?

Without the need to say, you should know that if the access to the storage facility is unlimited, then it is going to be more expensive. However, if the storage facility access is limited to basically weekdays, certain hours or based on demand then it will be more sensibly priced. In the end, it all boils down to how important accessing the storage unit will be for you. You need to consider if there is a possibility that you might need your stored belongings in the middle of the night. Should the commercial hours of the storage facility match your own timetable, then you should be satisfied even with a limited access. With that being the case, evaluate your needs before making up your mind in selecting a decent storage unit for your items. Go for that storage facility when you are sure you are well informed.

Well informed here means that you are aware of the cost estimate, the location and site. You must also have done a physical verification and know the unit size which you are looking out for and how long you intend to make use of the storage facility. To place an item in a storage unit while you are in-between moving homes or even after you have moved home, you will have to rent a storage unit for it. If you are in Irvine and still in the beginning stage of planning your move, there are great movers in Irvine area - we can recomend QShark-Moving website. It is important to go see the storage unit yourself so that you know what you are paying for and the assured safety of your items.




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